ISCB Student Council Symposium 2014 Program

Symposium Date: 11 July 2014

Venue: John B. Hynes Memorial Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts

Symposium starts
8:00                    Registration
8:45 Icebreaker: Scientific speed dating

Welcome Address by past SC Leaders: Commemorating 10 Years of SC 
Manuel Corpas, The Genome Analysis Centre,
Nils Gehlenborg, Harvard Medical School, 
Jeroen DeRidder, Delft Bioinformatics Lab

Keynote I
10:00 Keynote: MicroRNAs, poly(A) tails, and a developmental switch in the nature of translational control, Dr. David Bartel, HHMI/MIT/Whitehead Institute
10:50 Coffee break
Oral Presentations Session I

COSMOS: Cloud Enabled NGS Analysis
Yassine Souilmi, Harvard Medical School, United States


Constructing Improved Advisors for Multiple Sequence Alignment 
Dan DeBlasio, University of Arizona, United States


Statistical Elimination Of Spectral Features With Large Between-Run Variation Enhances Quantitative Protein-Level Conclusions In Experiments With Data-Independent Spectral Acquisition
Lin-Yang Cheng, Purdue University, United States


Genotyping Microsatellites In Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Harriet Dashnow, University of Melbourne, Australia

Lunch and posters hanging
12:30 Lunch break + posters session I
Oral Presentations Session II

RNA G-quadruplexes cause eIF4A-dependent oncogene translation in cancer
Yi Zhong, Andrew Wolfe, Kamini Singh, Philipp Drewe, Gunnar Rätsch, Hans-Guido WendelMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, United States.


Tetranucleotide Usage In Mycobacteriophage Genomes: Alignment-Free Methods To Cluster Phage And Infer Evolutionary Relationships
Benjamin Siranosian, Brown University, United States


Estimating Insertion, Deletion, And Recombination Rates Of Insertion Sequence Elements In The Genome Of Escherichia coli
Heewook Lee, Indiana University, United States


Using Exome Sequence Data And Random Forest Analysis To Identify Functional Mutation Signatures Of 5 Cancer Differentiation Subtypes
Russel Sutherland, King's College London, United Kingdom

Partner presentation

Research and Industry Partner Presentation: Enabling Collaborative and Reproducible Research through Synapse, Abhishek Pratap, Sage Bionetworks

15:10 Coffee break + Poster session II
Keynote II
15:30 Keynote: Genomic Studies of Bacterial Pathogen Evolution and Drug Resistance, Dr. Ashlee Earl,  The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
Oral Presentations Session III

Investigating large sequence variants in drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Alex Salazar, Broad Institute, United States


MutPred2: Predicting The Pathogenicity And Molecular Consequences Of Missense Variants
Vikas Pejaver, Indiana University, United States


The Road To Linking Genomics And Proteomics Of Pathogenic Bacteria: From Binary Protein Complexes To Interaction Pathways
Sarah Keasey, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, United States


NGS Logistics: Federated Analysis Of NGS Sequence Variants Across Multiple Locations 
Yves Moreau, KU Leuven, ESAT – STADIUS, Belgium

17:40 Closing remarks
17:50 Poster Session III
Symposium ends
19:30 Symposium ends + Social event


A copy of the complete conference booklet can be found online here.